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Week of September 25th
Game at Heights vs Aztec

Monday and Tuesday practices 4:00 to 6:00
Wednesday and Friday practices 4:00 to 5:30
Heights 51       Koogler 12
Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 11.57.18 AM.png           92917_93422_0.png
 Mesa View 0    Heights 36
hawk.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-15 at 11.57.18 AM.png

Heights 20       Kirtland 8
Called upon the completion of 3rd quarter due to lightening
Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 11.57.18 AM.png                  91517_115301_0.png
    Heights 8                   Hermosa 38
9717_110238_2.png                           9717_110128_0.png
1st game of the year results
Bloomfield 0                        Heights 20
9717_111751_3.png                 9717_110238_2.png
2017 Football season starts Monday, August 7th at 4:00 PM
Coach Sokolosky will be in his office at 3:00 PM to collect
paper work and hand out equipment

2016 7-0 Undefeated
San Juan County
All prospective Heights Middle School football players need to complete  and turn in a medical/physical with respective physician or doctor (with a copy of insurance card attached to physical), concussion in sports form, and parent permission form PRIOR to beginning practice (Official practice and tryouts start Aug 7th,

3:45 pm-5:45 PM). If your child is entering the 7th grade next year and has not played up the pervious years, I highly encourage them to play another year of YAFL but to still come out to our summer program. YAFL assures that our athletes are getting adequate amount of playing time. YAFL has a longer season and provides mores games which in the long run leads to more experience benefiting our program and your child's football career. If your child plans on doing YAFL but wants to still come to our summer program the parent permission form and physical/concussion form is not required. For any other questions feel free to contact me at (505) 860-1922

Necessary concussion test for all students
(Create an account, order course, take this test, print off certificate of completion and give to coach Sokolosky or email it to coach Sokolosky at

PDF of physical and concussion form

PDF of  to parent permission form

Word Doc of 2017 Game Schedule  

All team scores and records  from 2017 season
All team scores and records  from 2016 season

Aseembly from kirk Sokolosky on Vimeo.

heights football.jpg