School Procedures

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Title 1 and Title 3 Parents Right to Know Document

Live Instruction Classroom Rules - Student Expectations

 - Be Prepared: Make sure your laptop is charged enough to last through you meeting. Set up your work station in a well-lit, quiet location with a sturdy underground (table/desk). Put away all distractions. Eat and/or drink before or after the meeting.

- Be on Time:  Follow the bell schedule.  Being late is disruptive to the class. If you are more than 5 minutes late the teacher may not admit you and you may be marked absent.
- Participate: Participate regularly and pay attention, rename yourself using your full first and last name, turn on your camera, answer questions when asked, discuss in small groups when this is requested.
- Mute yourself: Do not unmute yourself during class. If you have a question, then you can raise your hand and your teacher will ask you to unmute
- Be responsible: If your teacher enables the Chat, remember that the Chat is for educational purposes ONLY. Inappropriate actions or language could result in being exited from the class, being marked absent, notification of your parents, and disciplinary action taken.
- Be presentable: Dress for class appropriately following our school dress code policy.